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Decades Bar & Grill is being forced to close on Monday, June 14th.


After almost 3 years of hard work, love, and fulfilling our lifelong dream to open a safe and fun place for everyone, we are being forced out of business.


The last year of closures did not stop our rent or other bills. We tried to work with our landlord but were not able to reach a reasonable resolution.


While we received some PPP money, we gave the overwhelming majority of it to our employees so that they could take care of themselves and their families.  


Life is not about the destination, but it is about the journey.  We have been blessed with amazing customers and have made so many friends.  We have been lucky to have shared in so many incredible memories. 


These memories include seeing couples out on their first date, anniversary dinners, weddings, birthday parties, friends partying together, family gatherings, brunch time events, concert performances that showcased seasoned as well as new acts, corporate events, amazing fundraisers, city employee happy hours and retirements, and employee gatherings. 


Along with our amazing customers and staff, we want to thank the City of Anaheim, it's leadership, staff, police department, and fire department.  


We also want to thank the following organizations for letting us put together and promote amazing fundraisers and events: 


Orange County Pride 

Mercy House

OC Cats

OC Heritage Council

The Boys and Girls Club of Orange County

The American Heart Association

Private organizations helping underprivileged youth and families

Anaheim Unified School District and numerous other schools and sports programs


All of you have made our journey worth it.  We will miss you beyond words. Thank you for letting us be, "your spot."


We hope that you will always reach for your dreams and look out for good people while doing so.  Never step on others to achieve your goals, but instead bring them with you!

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